ID Telematics is proud to represent French Tech!

19th October 2018

ID TELEMATICS, expert in telematics, IoT and engineering solutions, is proud to announce its membership in French Tech.


Launched in 2013, La French Tech brings together all the new operators who are innovating and contributing to the international growth of French startups. Contractors, engineers, large groups, developers, research institutes,... All work together to promote France's industrial influence around the world.


Now registered in the Aix-Marseille French-Tech territory, ID Telematics is proud to contribute to the development of French Tech and to join the Tech companies of the Mediterranean basin.



To know more about  ID TELEMATICS


Founded in 2017 by Mathieu Chènebit, software engineer, ID TELEMATICS is composed of 12 engineering experts in software and hardware engineering. ID TELEMATICS is currently developing three distinct business units and offers innovative and custom solutions to companies.



In order to respond to the connected objects sector needs, the IoT (Internet of Things) business unit offers custom engineering services to support companies in their digital transformation in order to connect their products.

Thanks to the expertise of its electronics and software engineers, the R&D department offers hardware & software solutions for very specific needs, while maintaining the ergonomics and performance of the original product. The connectivity possibilities of these connected objects are varied: geolocation, activity tracking, motion detection, security technologies, mobile applications, etc.




The Engineering sector offers custom software solutions. Combining the latest technological innovations and data security, the engineering team develops solutions adapted to all specific needs: Web platform, mobile applications, website, etc.


For more information, please visit www.id-telematics.com